Our Focus area

Human Trafficking

Every year, millions of women, men and children are being trafficked worldwide. Some of these victims are being trafficked purposely for forced labour, organ removal, and sexual exploitation while some are being trafficked for criminal activities. This act involves using force or other forms of coercion, fraud, deception to facilitate recruitment, transportation, transfer or receipt of persons.

Irregular Migration

Many Nigerians want to leave Nigeria for abroad but they do not have or know what it takes to travel to Europe or so called developed countries outside Nigeria. As a result of that, some of them are falling into the wrong hands of human smugglers who usually promise to facilitate their movement without following legal route or having legal travel documents.

Sexual, Child and Labour Exploitation

So many children are threatened or forced to do work that is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful to them. There are cases of children working in mining sites or factory where they are exposed to hazardous chemicals. Some of them are being exploited by adults for their personal gains and sexual satisfactions.

Forced Displacement Issues

Forced displacement is one of the burning issues arising as a result of conflict, climate change, human rights violation, and natural disaster. Some towns and cities are more vulnerable; especially cities and communities in the riverine and other areas that are prone to communal clashes. There is urgent need to create awareness and find better ways to guard against unforeseen natural and man- made disasters in those vulnerable communities.