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About us

Initiatives for Safe Migration and Social Justice is a registered not-for-profit and non-political organisation in Nigeria. The organisation is promoting social justice and egalitarian society with more emphasis on curbing the menace of human trafficking, irregular migration, human smuggling, sexual, child and labour exploitation, to protect the migrants’ rights and provide support for the survivors of human trafficking, forced displacement and modern- day slavery in Nigeria.

Our Vision
Our Mission
What we intend to achieve

Our Objectives

To increase awareness and community participation towards curbing the menace of human trafficking, irregular migration and social injustice

To foster community action against human trafficking, irregular migration, labour exploitations and human rights’ abuses

To provide educational supports and empowerment for survivors of human trafficking and victims of modern day slavery in Nigeria.

To promote best practice responses to labour exploitation, migrants in transit through evidence-based advocacy

To provide a forum for the voices of forcefully displaced people.



OLAWUYI Oluwaseyi (Prince)
Mrs Adewunmi- Olatunde Taiwo
Rev.Sis. Lilian Chibiko