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About Us

Initiatives for Safe Migration and Social Justice is a registered not-for-profit and non-political organisation in Nigeria. The organisation is promoting social justice and egalitarian society with more emphasis on curbing the menace of human trafficking, irregular migration, human smuggling, sexual, child and labour exploitation, to protect the migrants’ rights and provide support for the survivors of human trafficking, forced displacement and modern- day slavery in Nigeria.

Why Join Us

Be a Catalyst for Change and Make a Meaningful Impact

By joining our organization, you will have the chance to make a tangible and lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable individuals and communities

Meaningful Purpose

Every day, we work towards protecting the rights, dignity, and well-being of individuals affected by these pressing issues

Personal Growth and Development

Joining us is not just about making a difference in the lives of others; it is also an opportunity for your personal growth and development

Fulfillment and Impact

By joining our organization, you will have the opportunity to witness the direct impact of your efforts on individuals and communities.

Meet Our BOT

Board of Trustees

Oluwaseyi OLAWUYI (Prince)

Founder & CEO


Mrs Adewunmi- Olatunde Taiwo

Rev.Sis. Lilian Chibiko

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Join us in our mission to combat human trafficking, irregular migration, sexual, child and labor exploitation, and forced displacement. Together, we can create a society where every individual is protected, empowered, and valued.